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The latest and greatest cardio equipment available. is the top choice for your gym and personal fitness supplies. Our cardio line is packed with exercise bikes, ellipticals/cross-trainers, rowing machines, and treadmills in stylish design options to choose from.

The cardio equipment we offer makes hitting fitness goals fun and easy. Every machine is designed ergonomically to provide maximum efficiency and comfort. They allow users to set the workout intensity so they get exactly the workout they need. Our cardio machines provide entertainment, engagement, and motivation.

We take pride in offering an array of cardio equipment that helps people get healthy and stay that way. Our machines are great for fitness facilities or a home gym.


The treadmill plays a vital role in exercise equipment supply. has an excellent selection of high-quality commercial treadmills for fitness centres, gyms, and cardio rooms. Our own brand of treadmills is known in every province and territory of Canada as a top-level machine.

Treadmills help users burn calories, lose weight, and improve overall cardio fitness. A regular treadmill user can expect to have more energy, reduce illness, and live a longer and higher quality life.


Ellipticals, also called Cross-Trainers, give a great cardio workout and have become the go-to option for weight loss. They offer a low-impact workout and help burn more calories than exercise bikes or treadmills.
Cross-trainers offer one of the lowest-impact workouts of all exercise machines. They are perfect for those with injuries, health concerns, or other special situations.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are an all-time favorite cardio machine. Rowers target arms, legs, and core muscles at the same time strengthening the lungs and heart.

The benefits of rowing machines include:

  • Minimal-impact core workout
  • Single exercise targets multiple muscle groups
  • A non-technical movement that is easy to learn
  • Space efficiency makes it fit in almost any room

Exercise Bikes

Our selection of exercise bikes comes with an array of features and programs to get you inspired and keep you motivated. Exercise bikes are perfect for smaller gyms because they take up less space than other cardio machines like treadmills and cross-trainers. Exercise bikes help to give you more energy, reduce illness, and raise your quality of life.
These low-impact cardio machines allow you to get your heart rate up without putting stress on your leg joints. Physiotherapists often recommend exercise bikes to patients with knee problems because the exercise strengthens knee muscles which put less strain on the joint itself.

Climber / Power Climber 

A power climber mimics the movements of rock climbing in a controlled and safe way. They offer a total body workout that people find challenging, fun, and different from other exercise machines.
Power climbers can shift between low and high resistance, with variable climbing motions from 1 inch to 20 inches. Low resistance climbs act as a cardio exercise, while high resistance builds strength.
These are great machines for people looking to add variety to their workout routine. Power climbers prevent users from getting bored, so they keep coming back and realizing their fitness goals.

Stair Climber/ StepMill

The stair climber machine allows you to work muscles in your legs and core that you might be missing with other workouts. supplies high-quality stair machines all over Canada.
A stair climber replicates the motion of climbing steps. This motion is a great way to get the heart pumping and burn some serious calories.
Many people look for a good stair climber machine when searching for a new gym. Including this one as part of your offerings is a great way to attract every potential client.

Spin Bikes / Group Cycling

Group cycling or spin bikes are increasingly popular attractions of fitness centers. Clients love the energy and encouragement they feel in spin classes and will get hooked on their favorite sessions. 
Group cycling classes entail an instructor leading a group of clients through different intensities and intervals of a stationary cycle. The group atmosphere makes clients feel a sense of commitment to keep showing up at their class to have a good time.