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Treadmills are a crucial part of the exercise and fitness equipment industry. offers a top-notch selection of commercial treadmills to supply the needs of a modern fitness center. We also offer our own label of commercial treadmills that we sell all over Canada. We have satisfied customers in Vancouver, Surrey, Toronto, Calgary, Regina, Whitehorse, Edmonton, and Richmond among others. 
Our treadmills are known for their reliability and are used in Fire Halls, Condominium Buildings, Canadian Forces Bases, Gyms, Schools, and many other places around Canada. 
Our proprietary, self-propelled treadmill, The PowerJog, features magnetic resistance that makes the machine more stable when a user wants to walk. This machine requires no maintenance and no electricity. It offers incredible muscle activation because the user’s legs are the motor. 
The PowerJog is a zero-emission machine currently used by Canadian Forces, recreational centers, universities, and fire halls. It gives the user a near outdoor running experience in the comfort of climate-controlled space. It is safer to use than conventional treadmills because it won’t catch your feet and drag you down. 
We provide service, repairs, and maintenance for all the treadmills we sell. We keep critical parts in stock locally allowing us to offer emergency repairs in a timely fashion.

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