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The foundation of many home gyms is their set of free weights. They can be used in so many ways to work every muscle in the body. We carry an exhaustive range of free weights so that you can build exactly the set you need to achieve your fitness goals. Dumbbells, plates, kettlebells, and more, we carry all kinds of free weights in different styles, coatings, and colours.

Using Free Weights

Many people use weights as a foundation of their home workouts. Good news is that they arrive in several distinct models. Whether you are looking for plates that you can ad to a bar or can be used for bench pressing, dumbbells are ideal for working the arms while watching television, or kettlebells to use during breaks at work.

Work outs that are Simple and Quick

Many free weights do not need any other type of equipment to make them work. Kettlebells is one of them. The design of Kettlebells made it easy to grip the weights and use them for different types of upper body strength training. Some workout routines can be performed while sitting down while others can be done while standing. This can also help you in building mass on the shoulders, and upper arms, you can even use curls to build your lower arms and strengthen your wrists.

Catching a Few Minutes of Exercise

Dumbbells are probably the most convenient workout weights. They can be placed near a sofa and used while watching TV. Plus, due to its smaller design, it does not take up much space. Yet despite its size it is very effective in toning muscles even if you only use it for a couple of minutes once in a while.

Increasing the Weight Over Time

As you develop your body strength, it gets easier to add more weight and plate to each side of the exercise bar. You can also start increasing the total amount of weight pressed and lifted. All of these is due to the fact that there are different plates that can be added into your workout routine.

However, it is best to start with manageable weight and master the form for the pressing. After you develop strength and become more comfortable, you can add more weight to stimulate those muscles a little bit more.

Never omit weights from the exercise regimen. Thanks to the diverse designs available, it will not be hard to find a set that makes short workouts something to look forward to.

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