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Jump Ropes

Choosing the Best Jump Rope

Choosing a jump rope is like making a friend. You will spend a lot of time together and you have to feel comfortable with your jump rope. sells a wide range of jump ropes to suit your needs.

The Materials

The weight of a jump rope and its durability will depend on the materials it is made from. A plastic jump rope will be lighter but won’t last as long. A metal wire jump rope will last longer and weigh more.

The Grips

Finding a jump rope with comfortable grips will help you want to exercise more. Some grips can make your hands hurt and you won’t always get used to them. Look for grips that are the right size and have enough non-slip surfaces that they are easy to hold onto.

The Coating

A high-quality jump rope will have an abrasion-resistant coating. The coating makes the jump rope last longer because it will protect the rope when it hits the ground under your feet.