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Shaker Bottles

Shake Up A Healthy Drink

Shaker bottles are not just any old cup; they are designed to help powdered supplements mix better. Using supplemental powders can boost your workout. You need fuel to build muscle and to keep going with the rest of your day. carries an entire line of shaker bottles to match your mood.

Mix Up A Perfect Drink

Shaker bottles have a mixer designed to evenly mix a powdered supplement. They are especially handy when you are trying to prepare a drink on the run. Add the correct amount of powder, liquids, and special ingredients then shake it up to get a perfectly blended drink.

Choose the Right Size

Shaker bottles come in 20oz, 28oz, and 32oz. You should choose the size you normally use based on the amount of supplemental powder you take. It doesn’t hurt to have multiple bottles in case you don’t have time to clean yours.