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Workout Mats

How to Choose a Workout Mat

The right workout mat can be the difference between enjoying exercise and giving up on it. It is important to choose a workout mat that is comfortable for your body. offers comfortable and long-lasting workout mats that you will love.

Size Matters

Check for the size of the workout mat first. The length should be longer than your body and the width should feel like you have some room to move side to side. Fitting on your workout mat will make it more comfortable and your workouts will be easier.

The Padding

If your mat is too thin your bones and body will feel the hard ground too much. Find a mat that feels cushioned, even after a minute or two. Check to see how it feels to be on your knees because they put the most pressure on the mat and you will feel the ground the most through them.

Non-Slip Properties

A tough workout makes you sweat, which can make a mat slippery. If your mat is slippery you can’t properly exercise. Find a mat with a good non-slip surface to make your workouts more effective.