Adjustable Kettlebell- 20 Lbs.

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This Adjustable Kettlebell Weight from Fitness Wholesalers is an excellent addition to your home gym, exercise machines, and dumbbells. Kettlebells are among the most versatile weights when it comes to full body workouts. They can be used for anything from arm and core exercises to leg and back workouts. Whether you’re going for a solid six pack or looking to take your overall muscle tone to the next level, this kettlebell weight can be used in a wide variety of ways to help you achieve and support your fitness goals. These weights are suitable for both men’s and women’s exercises. They are also fully adjustable, so you can tailor them to fit your own personal workout needs. This kettlebell weight is divided into 6 drop cast iron, powder-coated, silver plates.

The kettlebell has a wide handle to allow for easier movement during workouts. The handle measures 1.5” wide and is made of cast iron with a black powder coating for maximum durability. It also has a flat base for storage convenience. The plates in the weight are held in place by a heavy-duty plastic clamp to ensure that they won’t slip or slide around during your workout. The total weight of the kettlebell is 20 pounds, although plates can be removed to reduce the weight.

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Weight 22.0462 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 23 × 30 cm