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Boxing & MMA

Boxing and mixed martial arts are excellent ways to add competition to your fitness routine. Combat sports give you the motivation to get stronger and healthier. We offer all the gear you need to be the best fighter you can be.

Speed Bags

The speed bag is a classic way to improve hand-eye coordination and build the muscles for punching. They are easy to install in your home or garage so you can practice anytime. A speed bag is a great investment to improve your skills and have fun.

Dummy Opponent Bag

You can’t always find a partner for hard sparring. A dummy opponent bag lets you practice your moves at full speed. They are a great way to get some aggression out without hurting anybody.

Kick Shields

A kick shield will help you practice alone or with a partner. Mount it somewhere to work your kick muscles on your own. With a partner, it can be a moving target to practice on.

Hand Wraps and Gloves

You can’t box without good hand wraps and gloves. They protect your hands so that you can get back in the ring without delay. Injuries happen in combat sports, but you still need to take all the precautions you can to avoid setbacks.

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