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Speed & Agility

Outdoor Workout Routines:

Accessories You Need

Taking a workout in the great outdoors can add some extra joy to your life. Getting connected with the natural world while building strength is a primal feeling. carries equipment that will make an outdoor workout as effective and fun as possible.

Powerwalks, Running, and Sleds

To add an extra challenge to a power walk or running routine, a sled is a great option. They attach to your waist and then you can pull them around a grassy surface, adding as much weight as you need. This is a great exercise for cardiovascular health and will get your legs toned and strong.


Hurdles are a wonderful tool to improve your explosiveness and athletic abilities. Take them out to a field, set them up, and improve your fitness with a real athletic event. You can constantly try to run hurdles faster to challenge yourself and get stronger.