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Weight Lifting Bars

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Selecting the Correct Weight Lifting Bar

You may not know that there is more than one kind of weightlifting bar to choose from. It can be difficult to understand which bars you need to complete your home gym. Here we will go over the different bars and why you need to include them in your gym.

Olympic Bars

This bar is necessary if you want to make front squats part of your workout routine. Olympic bars are made to meet the requirements of the Olympic Games weightlifting competitions. They have more whip than non-Olympic bars and are easier to spin.

Standard Bars

Standard bars are considered all-purpose or beginner bars. They can be used for freestanding weightlifting, squats, and weight benches. Standard bars come with grip surfaces to make them easier to handle.

Hex Bars

Hex bars are also called trap bars and have a hexagon-shaped centre section. The user stands in the centre of the hexagon with the bars surrounding them and lifts up with the core and legs. Hex bars are useful because they are easier on the joints and are more difficult to drop on yourself.

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