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Core & Back

The Importance of Building a Strong Core and Back

Your core and back are the main drivers of power in your body. You aren’t really strong unless you dedicate a good amount of your workout to your core and back. supplies the top equipment for working on the core and back. Check out what we have to offer and start getting stronger.

Abdominal Muscles and Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are the go-to method for strengthening and toning abdominal muscles. A contoured sit-up mat makes doing sit-ups more comfortable and enjoyable. Countoured sit-up mats make it so that you can focus on getting stronger, rather than searching for a comfortable position.

Taking Care of the Back

Back pain is an extremely common problem, and a great way to alleviate it is to strengthen back muscles. Rowing machines are a perfect tool to get your back into shape and prevent injuries. Rowing is a low-impact movement that gets your heart pumping and oxygen flowing.

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