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Selecting the Best Bench for your Personal Gym

One or two benches are sufficient for your personal gym. Benches are simple equipment, and there are a few key attributes you need to consider when choosing one. To find the best bench for your gym, consider the following features:


The bench padding needs to be thick enough so that you feel comfortable on it for a while. You will be spending time doing serious work on your bench, and you should feel good while lying on it. Be sure to try laying on any potential bench for five minutes or so to make sure it fits your body well.


Your bench has to stand up to the growing weights and reps you will be doing on it. An unstable bench is dangerous and can be counterproductive. You can check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if it is designed to hold the weights you will lift plus your body weight.


You need to find a bench that is made to last with all the strain you will be putting on it. A cheaply made bench is dangerous because it could collapse with you on it.

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