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Cable Machines

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What Exercises Can Be Done with Cable Machines?

Cable machines give you resistance to work on various muscle groups. You can target almost any muscle and turn your cable machine into an entire home gym with the different attachments and accessories. There are many exercises you can do with cable machines, including:


Setting the cables to pull from near the ground allows you to do a squat. This is a great exercise for working the leg muscles and improving explosiveness. The best thing about using a cable machine to do squats is there is no chance you will drop the bar on yourself.


With a rowing attachment, you can mimic the muscle-building movements of rowing a boat across a lake. The rowing attachment works your chest, forearms, upper arms, and muscles in the back.

Pull Downs

The pull down attachment is a bar you grab above your head from a seated position. The pull-down attachment lets you strengthen your neck, shoulders and arms.

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