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Spicing Up Workout Routines With Rigs

Rigs allow you to work different muscles with different movements to add variety to your workout routine. They make your routine fun by adding challenges that keep you motivated. Learn more about what rigs add to your gym by reading the following.

Wall Ball Targets

This accessory gives you a place to aim a medicine ball. You can adjust the target height to keep challenging yourself as you grow stronger. Wall ball is a whole-body exercise that is fun at the same time.

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are a simple and versatile addition to your rig. You can use them for swinging, chin-ups, stretching or just hanging. Our monkey bars are made from high-quality steel to support heavy weights without problems.

Angled Rigs

Add more variety to your workout routine with an angled rig. They give you more options to work different muscles and keep pushing yourself to get stronger.

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