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Squat/Power Rack

For an Explosive Workout, Include Power Racks and Squat Equipment

Adding a power rack to your gym takes your routine to the next level and broadens your options. Power racks can be used on your bench, standing, or squatting for a varied workout. To help you get the most out of your power rack, we have included the following tips:

Have a workout Partner

Having an extra set of hands and eyes during your workout not only makes you safer but your partner can also correct your form. You’re going to get a much more efficient workout when your spotter is there making sure you are lifting the right way.

Use multiple sets of Bars

You can get by with just one set of bars. But, to get serious about your strength and conditioning you need multiple sets of bars. Having the right bar for the right muscle makes your workout more efficient and effective.

Adjusting the Safety Bars

Sticking points give you a place to set the bar if you think you are going to fall. Injuring yourself is the opposite of what you want to do in the gym. Stocking up on the necessary safety equipment is important to make sure you are getting healthy and not making your body worse.

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