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Free Weights

Free weights are the foundation of many home workouts. You can choose plates that attach to barbells for power workouts, kettlebells for aerobic exercise, and dumbells for upper body strengthening. has a large assortment of free weights to accommodate any exercise routine.

Simple and Quick Workouts

Kettlebells can be picked up and used anywhere in your home or yard for a quick and effective workout. They are easy to handle with various grips for different exercises. You can use them sitting down, standing up, or in various strength-building poses.

Catching a Few Minutes of Exercise

Dumbbells are the most common free weights to have in the house. You can store them in many places so they can be picked up and used when you have a few minutes to spare. Dumbbells make it easy to strengthen and tone your muscles in a dedicated workout or when you are waiting for a pizza to arrive.

Increasing the Weight Over Time

Weight plates are perfect for adding weight to your routine as you grow stronger. Working on proper form is always important, and once you start to notice a weight is getting too easy, you add another plate and keep gaining. A good set of plates and a bar don’t take up too much space and will make you gain a lot of muscle and power.